Responsible and passionate about each project, I am a good listener because our first objective is to understand the unique requirements for your wardrobe. It is important for us that every detail is in line with your expectations and you feel comfortable and confident in your clothes.

At Garbin tailor's studio, we specialise in making your handmade suit very special, only for you. All kinds of shoulder and collar shapes, lapels are without secrets in our office, finding the best balance with your shape, color skin, and taste. Customise your suit with details such as contrasting button holes, mother of pearl buttons, open holes sleeve finishing, adding ticket pockets and refined lapels, or hidden details as inner pockets for your privacy..

These are only a few of the personalised details we are able to provide. Without forgetting to have a suit or a jacket that is functional with the right comfort.


I become a tailor after several years as pattern maker and technician garment . Becoming a tailor mean help the people to wear on contemporary mood, adding at their taste my experience, mixing the personal culture with the suit's function. Right balance, perfect shape and incredible fabric, by the best to the best italian fabrics' company, return the unique suit that you could strive for. From shirts to the shoes, till the pants, all will be personalized as your taste, and, if you like it, you could achive your personal wardrobe as never seen before.


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Tirana, Albania