When you choose to give yourself a gift, like an Italian suit, and we find ourselves trying out the test dress, it is not only a simple bespoke suit.

What actually goes into making your suit? It's more than a customized paper pattern.
What is hidden behind the lining that makes a suit truly great? There is the consulting from Italian master tailor with years of experience that make a suit truly great, there is the selection of the best Italian fabric that makes a suit or a shirt truly great, and the reliable manufacturing made in Italy, without hesitation. If it is not enough, what is enough here?

Then we bespoke your clothing using the best companies in Italy's land... ageless processes. No shortcuts. And since your clothing is tailored in facilities where we work everyday, you are assured a garment that is made with the traditional processes but with modern workmanship, to guarantee the look and that it feels great!

When our supplier in Italy is done crafting your garment, you and me will meet for a final fit, if necessary, you will try on the garments and I will fit them exactly to your and our expectations.

Your Italian bespoke suit is ready, it only needs adding a shirt, a tie and a pair of leather shoes . Can you guess from where?


I become a tailor after several years as pattern maker and technician garment . Becoming a tailor mean help the people to wear on contemporary mood, adding at their taste my experience, mixing the personal culture with the suit's function. Right balance, perfect shape and incredible fabric, by the best to the best italian fabrics' company, return the unique suit that you could strive for. From shirts to the shoes, till the pants, all will be personalized as your taste, and, if you like it, you could achive your personal wardrobe as never seen before.


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